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Immortelle Precious Serum
Immortelle Precious

Immortelle Precious Serum



Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after being picked. As a result of our scientific research, the Precious Serum concentrates the patented anti-ageing power of more than 1000 flowers in every jar. Its lightly textured formula acts on the 3 main important stages of collagen: production, protection and repairing.
The Precious Serum corrects wrinkles and maintain skin firmness.
Immediately: Lifted skin. The epidermis is restructured for smoother skin.
Over time: Correcting effect. Helps to stimulate collagen production and restore the integrity of weakened collagen fibres to fill in wrinkles, firm the skin and reduce the damage caused over time.
Result: In only 4 weeks, wrinkles, even deep ones, were visibly reduced for 74% of women
How to use
Apply day and night on clean face and neck before the Precious Cream, for an increased anti-ageing efficiency.
30 ML
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CZK 1,489.00

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